Setting up to contribute

  1. Fork this repository GameAutomators/eBook-Source to your profile account
  2. git clone<your github username>/eBook-Source
  3. git remote add upstream
  4. git pull upstream master

Making a contribution

Note: Never make a contribution from your master branch.

  1. Before starting to write, ensure that you've done git pull upstream master so that you're up to date with the main content.
  2. Checkout a new branch, this is like a copy of the content of the book so that you can make changes. git checkout -b BranchName where BranchName can be anything depending on your contribution. For example, if you're writing an article on arduino you can do git checkout -b MyArdunioDocument
  3. Once the content is written. Do git add <filename> and git push origin BranchName
  4. Then headover to github and send a pull request.
  5. If you want to continue working on the same branch, you can do that or ideally switch back to master by doing git checkout master
  6. Pull back from upstream by doing step 1 before starting to make the next contribution to the book.