The number of mobile devices has increased at a huge rate in the past decade. There are almost as many devices as there are people in the world. Phones have become an integral part of the lives of each one of us by helping us make phone calls, navigate using GPS, get high quality photos, play games, send text messages and many more. With drastic improvements in the computational capability of the phones, the mobile gaming is a booming industry. In this chapter, we will learn different approaches to automate the mobile games.

Here are some of the games that we will learn to solve in this book: Find the Differences, Tic Tac Toe, 3D bowling, Piano Tiles, Stick Hero, Flow Free and Unblock Me. Feel free to download these games and try them out on your phone.

We will learn three approaches in which we can automate the games. Do remember that these are just a few of the many approaches that you can use.

  • Using Image Processing
  • Using Electronics
  • Using Image Processing and Electronics

Let us learn how to setup Android Debug Bridge (adb) tool which is used for communication between laptop and phone, before learning how each of the above mentioned approach works.