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Game Automators

Learn to Automate Games

What's Game Automators?

A team that aims to make learning fun by building algorithms and robots that can solve mobile phone games using concepts of electronics, image processing and machine learning.

Why Game Automators?

Developing skills through practical implementation has always fascinated learners with its outcome.

Where Are We Now?

We have automated 21 games so far and working on many more! Keep scrolling for details.

Games Automated

Click here for extensive list of all games automated.

How can you contribute?

Step 1

Fork this repository GameAutomators/eBook-Source to your profile account.

Step 2

git clone github username/eBook-Source

Step 3

git remote add upstream

Step 4

git pull upstream master


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Special Thanks

We would like to thank Innovation Garage and The Lakshya Foundation for providing us with a great environment to work in.

The following mighty people have assisted us in making all the work we do open source and free.

Ramesh Akula, Priyanka Namburi, Raja Poranki, Sathish Visanagiri, Rahul Yadav, Saithej Vaddadi, Kesav Satya, Sarath Kumar Somana, Harish Ganesuni, Naveen Indala, Rashid Khan, Nikhilendra Gudisa, Manikanta Pasumarthy, Krishna Bhushan.

Video: Crowd Funding

The campaign was launched at NITW Hackathon 5.0 on Feb 1st 2016 and got an overwhelming response. 23% of the campaign was fulfilled within the first 10 minutes of launch, 100% in 24 hours and the stretch goal of 132% in 72 hours.