Game Automators organised a workshop at NIT Warangal to train 30 students on how to build mobile game solvers. The workshop went well, and received really good feedback from the students. These students are potential contributors who will help improve the quality of the book that we are working on.

The workshop started off with Surya introducing what the goal of Game Automators is, and how each one of them could be contributors to reach that goal.


Piyush continued by talking about the different approaches that we are taking to solve the games.


Nishi taught the basics of image processing, and Vamsi explained how they were using these concepts to solve the game chess.


The students were very enthusiastic and worked hard to understand the concepts better. It provoked many to enhance their thinking ability and very asking many interesting questions. The enthusiasm they showed was carried till the end of the show.


A second year student expressed her feedback on the workshop saying, “This is really cool, I’m so glad I attended this workshop. It’s very interesting what image processing can do; this is just what I needed. I’m excited to continue learning.”